If you’ve checked out some of our earliest posts, you could see that our office was basically a… big empty hall.

We’re currently planning the workspaces for our service desk, in-house lead programmers and more, and we have decided to create a separate entry area so that a) people walking into our office don’t just walk into a big hall, and b) to improve the acoustics of our office.

Here’s the current status after just one day – it’s amazing what some skilled workers can do with some wood and a bit of plasterboard…


We also built another wall next to our newly built kitchen – the main reason being that the restroom entry is right behind the kitchen area, it’s not actually that well isolated acoustically – and well, you don’t really want to look into a restroom door when standing in the kitchen, do you?

So here’s the semi-final result (still needs some painting, obviously):


and some progress pictures:


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