So! It’s been done. Today we went to the lawyer with our two founding investors to get the ink on paper. Not the first time for any of us, in face we’ve all been through this several times – but every single time, it’s damn exciting.

I think we (literally!) produced a few kilograms of paper for everything related to the agreements, and Martin was more than happy <cough> to read through the 2832th revision coming from our legal advisor.

Anyway – ink on paper, we’ve made it in the deadline (we were promised that the company will be registered this year if we hand in all docs before Dec 12th, which we did) – so yeah, we’re good to go…

Some impressions below…



On the way to the lawyer…
Lunch before the signing
Lots of Paperwork
Even More Paperwork
All done!
More Paperwork
The founding team

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